Sword devouring

Along with the employment information, there is also a portrait of Chen Nanzhu.

In her message, she said that if someone could help her save her father, she would be willing to pay him with a sword of medium rank, and even if he was not married, she would be willing to marry him. Along with the employment information, there is also a portrait of Chen Nanzhu. In the portrait, Chen Nanzhu is like a Lingbo fairy, with a beautiful breath that makes all men intoxicated. It is because of the beauty and the temptation of the middle-rank sword that there are so many sword repairs in Putian County in recent days. Among the thousands of swordsmen, dozens of them were willing to work for Chen Nanzhu, and just three days ago, those swordsmen attacked the headquarters of the Mirror Sword Sect on Qianzhi Mountain outside Putian County at the same time. As a result, thirty-five swordsmen, the weakest of whom was a seventh-level swordsman, were wiped out in one day. After the death of Jian Xiu, people's thoughts of serving Chen Nanzhu also cooled down. After all, beauty, sword and life are not enough to mention. However, it is precisely because of the sudden lack of help that Chen Nanzhu has increased his employment chips. She had announced yesterday that if someone could save her father, she would be willing to take out another low-level flying skill. The low-level skill of wind level is enough to make Jian Xiu crazy. What's more, this exercise is the most precious of all the exercises,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, flying in the air. After the news of Chen Nanzhu spread, it caused a sensation in Putian County and even in the realm of swordsmanship in the Shang Dynasty. As far as Longman knew, in just two days, several swordsmen above the seventh level, as well as some strong swordsmen who rarely appeared, had come to Putian County. Longman said the news, let Ye Feng two people are stunned. Ye Feng has long known that Chen Nanzhu is not an ordinary woman, but did not expect her to use such a big hand. It is not enough to make people crazy if it is only a sword of the middle rank of the wind. However,jujube seed powder, if you have this set of flying skills, it is enough for many strong sword kings to come forward one after another. Ye Feng knew that even a strong man like the boundless sea could not be immune to the low-level flying skills of the wind. The reason why Longman keeps sending people to send messages to the Lishui Sword Sect is probably that he is also playing the idea of flying in the air. Ye Feng is also itching for the middle-level sword of the wind level and the low-level flying skill of the wind level. Just considering his own strength, he still feels that he should stay put for the time being and wait and see what happens. And learned from Longman, the Chen Nanzhu reward, has made the sword elder Li yuanhang and Chen Ling on the way to Putian County. He believed that Li yuanhang and Chen Ling came here, probably for the sake of that set of low-grade flying skills. After chatting with Longman for a while, Ye Feng and He Huan entered the lounge that Longman had prepared for them. Lying down on the bed in the lounge, Ye Feng looked at He Huan, who was still practicing hard in his chair, and asked in a low voice, "Elder Martial Brother He, what do you think of this?" He Huan opened his eyes, and the color of fanaticism flashed through his black eyes. He said in a deep voice, "I don't care about the skills, pumpkin seed extract ,naringenin price, but if there is a battle, I will go!" Ye Feng curled his mouth and shook his head helplessly with a sigh. Indeed, for He Huan, the biggest temptation is to kill. Think of the phantom Zong also sent people here recently, Ye Feng can better understand He Huan anxious to enhance the strength of the mood. After leaving He Huan in the room, Ye Feng carried dozens of low-level swords captured in the Zangke Mountains and came to an empty plain outside Putian County. In fact, not only He Huan is eager to make progress, but Ye Feng is not so. Ever since he saw Chen, he felt a strong sense of crisis, if it comes to the mood of promoting cultivation, Ye Feng is not inferior to He Huan. After arranging dozens of low-level long swords according to the attributes of the five elements, Ye Feng jumped into the center of the sword array. The moment he sat cross-legged on the ground, his body stirred up a surge of strength, directly acting on the swords around him. In a flash, the swords all around radiated a brilliant brilliance that went straight to the sky. This piece of brilliance gushed and splashed all around, circling around Ye Feng's side. Gradually, all the brilliance around Ye Feng's side became static. Ye Feng took a deep breath, standing time, it is like a thick fog of brilliance, all along the pores, hair, nostrils, into his body. Inside the Dantian, the crystal emits dazzling light. Around the small five-element sword array rotating around the crystal, the surface blooms five different attributes of color, like a giant beast mouth, constantly devouring the vitality around. The energy of the sword outside became more and more weak, while the vitality of Ye Feng's body became more and more pure and heavy. Discovering that the vitality in the body was so thick that it was on the verge of the limit, Ye Feng quickly pulled out the water bag and drank a big mouthful of chalcedony. When the chalcedony enters the body, it immediately dissolves with the majestic primordial qi. Under the super condensation of chalcedony, the vitality like liquid gradually precipitates and turns into particles the size of millet grains. Every particle, all close together, filled every meridian in Ye Feng's body. As he channeled his energy, the particles and crystals all rotated rapidly and sank into his Dantian at a faster speed than liquid. Granular primordial qi saves more space and stores more energy than liquid primordial qi. After discovering that he had absorbed all the ranks of swords, his own strength stepped into the realm of the second-level swordsman from the first-level swordsman, Ye Feng felt excited in his heart. The effect of Tun Tian Jue is indeed extraordinary, not to mention the strong vitality of Tun Tian Jue, the super abnormal promotion speed of Tun Tianjue alone is enough to be praised as the most magical method in the world. Ye Feng slowly withdrew the suction, and as he pulled the suction back into his body, the low-level swords around him could no longer bear the weight and burst at the same time. Above the open space, a layer of fine crystal powder appeared. A breeze blew, the crystal powder drifted with the wind, and in the end, not even a trace could be seen. Standing up, Ye Feng gently smoothed the wrinkles on her clothes. His shoulders shook slightly,tannic acid astringent, and the next moment, his figure appeared ten meters away. The difference between the second-level swordsman and the first-level swordsman is only a realm, but the gap between the strength is not as simple as a level. prius-biotech.com


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