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Li Youxianjun is generally not afraid to answer questions about cultivation. That's basically why most people respect him. Xiancao Dongxia can't move or come out in Xianjun's embroidered robe all the time.

Many people went along with it. Li Youxianjun, I have a question to ask you about my practice. An old man came forward and asked with a serious face. Li Youxianjun is generally not afraid to answer questions about cultivation. That's basically why most people respect him. Xiancao Dongxia can't move or come out in Xianjun's embroidered robe all the time. It's very uncomfortable = _ = The old man asked again for a while before he left. A group of people welcomed Li Youxianjun into the hall, while the Nangong family had been waiting inside for a long time, and immediately stood up when they saw the Lord coming. The overall atmosphere is also more high, it is very difficult to invite Lord Xianjun. They were all wondering what price the Nangong family had paid? Speaking of the price, Nangong family is also very helpless, he paid a lot, he originally wanted to marry his daughter directly to Xianjun, this is the best outcome, unfortunately, Xianjun did not have this idea. So in the end, he could only take out an ancient book, which was handed down from his family. So far, no one has been able to understand that ancient book. There are very few things that can attract immortals. It was his last resort to come up with such a thing. So, lost the ancient books, but can get the guidance of Li Youxian Jun, everything is worth it. Keeping an ancient book that can't be understood at all now has no effect at all, so he would rather give it up and exchange it for the favor of Xianjun. Xianjun, the little fairy has been waiting in the house for a long time. He has told many times in advance,rosmarinic acid supplement, must let Xianer get Xianjun's favor, so that Xianjun can become the backer of their Nangong family! There is an immortal as a backer, that is the supreme honor. "Mmm." Li Youxianjun answered and went in with the master of Nangong. Nangong family is very huge, so they walked all the way to the inner courtyard for a while, "Xianjun, my daughter is naughty, please bear more." Immortal grass moves in the sleeve, Li you shook the sleeve,lutein eye complex, let her not struggle. While no one was paying attention, Dongxia whispered, "My Lord, I want to come out." "Wait a minute." Li Youxianjun asked her to wait, with some spoiling in her tone that she didn't know. What? Is there anything wrong with Xianjun? One side of the Nangong family heard Xianjun say wait a minute, immediately turned around and asked, afraid to let Li Youxianjun feel a little bit of neglect. Nothing. Let's go. Li Youxianjun said lightly. Master Nangong turned his head silently and took Xianjun into another courtyard. My daughter waited inside for a long time, so I didn't go in with Xianjun and waited at the door. Generally speaking, most people don't want outsiders to be present when pointing out. Just come in together. Nangong Jiazhu is happy, this is simply the best, although it is to point out his daughter, but some of his listening is also of great benefit ah! Nangong Xianer can't wait inside. She's looking forward to it. It's said that Li Youxian is like a fairy, but she doesn't know what it looks like? Chapter 259 Xianxia Qiyuan NP Queen Strong (6). This book is provided for download by http://www.qingkan520.com/. When someone outside pushed the door open and came in, lutein and zeaxanthin supplements ,jujube seed powder, with his father's voice coming in, Nangong Xianer finally saw the legendary Li Youxian Jun. Sure enough, like a legendary appearance, handsome appearance, purely rare in the world, and the temperament of the whole body is completely different from ordinary practitioners, this is the first time that Nangong Xianer has seen such a man. Face some red looking at each other, do not know how to speak, until her father coughed twice, she remembered, immediately opened her mouth, "seen Xianjun, the little girl is polite." The tone of her voice was gentle and greasy, and the little immortal grass in Xianjun's sleeve shivered in winter and summer. The leaves on her body threw Xianjun's arm and made Li Youxianjun move his fingers unconsciously. I came in to see your qualifications, superior, rare. Li Youxianjun's tone was as clear and cold as it was to others, without any feeling. Xianjun, I want to ask some questions. "The voice of the heroine is artificial, it sounds soft and pleasant, but it is disgusting to death. It is the first time that Dongxia has met such an active heroine-no wonder it is the plot of the NP text!"! She is indeed the heroine of the NP article, and she is extraordinary. Sometimes I feel powerless when I practice at ordinary times. Is it because I have a bad heart? She said close to Li Youxian Jun, seems to want to show weakness, let Xianjun sympathize with her, thus directly attracted by her beauty. It has to be said that the woman's unique appearance is really attractive. Appearance needless to say, the temperament of the body is not the same as ordinary girls, she looks very charming at this time. And Li Youxianjun looked at her lightly, and then opened his mouth, "When you practice in the future, all the defects on the body, no matter what, will disappear one by one." Nangong Xianer seemed to twitch at the corners of her mouth. Growing up, which of those men didn't see her with straight eyes? This Xianjun was the first person to be so indifferent to her. Are all immortals like this? "Xianjun, can my posture be like yours?" She asked curiously, with some expectation in her eyes, but with pride in her heart. After all, her posture was rare. Even if the immortal gentleman approved it, she thought she could practice to the point of the immortal gentleman. Although aptitude is important in cultivation, hard work is also indispensable. Everyone has his own chance, and I can't understand it. His answer was impeccable, and Nangong Xianer was speechless. Xianjun, let my daughter take you to visit Nangong Mansion. The master of the Nangong family did not know how to create opportunities for the two people, and in a hurry he thought of this method. Wait to say that there is something wrong, people are immortals ah! What has not seen, will visit their own small mansion? It just doesn't make any sense. Sure enough,turmeric extract powder, Li Youxianjun glanced at the two of them, as if he had not noticed anything. "No need. I will point out some skills of the daughter of the Nangong family in three days, and then I will leave." Then he turned and went out. prius-biotech.com


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