Be Reborn as the Queen

That night, Guo's heart was at sixes and sevens, and he did not know whether Shen Feng could see it or when he would come.

"Empress, what is this?" "Don't ask, and carve it into the hidden position of the palace wall while no one is looking." Perilla saw the queen so solemn, also followed serious, got up out of the inner room, looking for an opportunity to draw this thing. That night, Guo's heart was at sixes and sevens, and he did not know whether Shen Feng could see it or when he would come. Waiting and waiting, I fell asleep in a daze, and when the moon was in the middle of the sky, a man climbed over the window and entered. When Hong Wan was on duty that night, she felt a cold wind blowing and thought she had not closed the window properly. When she got up, she almost lost her life. Don't scream, or your master's life will be in danger. If he said otherwise your own life is in danger, Hong Wan may not buy it, but this person took the queen as a threat, she really did not dare to disclose. Hong Wan nodded with tears, and when the man let go of his hand,stesweet stevia, she asked in a low voice, "Who are you? What are you going to do? The queen's bedroom is not where you should come. If you want to die, go out quickly." Shen Feng was amused by Hong Wan's bravado, but now was not the time to bicker. He covered Hong Wan's mouth again and dragged her over to wake up the queen. But Commander Shen? Before Hong Wan could call, Guo was awakened by their conversation and asked in a low voice in the tent. It is the subordinates. "You let go of my maid.". Waner went to the door and watched, so as not to disturb the night outside. Guo Shi put on a dress and came out of it. Shen Feng did not shy away from looking at her so straight. There were not so many taboos between the dark guard and the master, and Guo did not care about his rudeness. In the dim light,lycopene for skin, Shen Feng looks very honest, is thrown in the guard pile can not find the kind of, no one can guess that he can have a unique skill, of course, this is the minimum requirement to become a dark guard. He was not in a hurry to speak, and Guo knew that he was also measuring her. Although there is Liu De's order, but she this halfway appears the master is not worth following, these people in the heart but must consider carefully. The empress was so courageous that the stranger came in without any panic. "There is no such thing as courage, but it is clear in my heart that no one would dare to break into the room of the palace except Commander Shen." "Isn't the empress afraid that there are really bad people?" "What's the use of being afraid? Now that you're here, you're prepared. There's no one in the world who is so greedy for sex that he doesn't care about his life, is there?" Guo said lightly, as if it were a normal chat. But she did not know that Hong Wan outside the door was so frightened that her legs were weak. If outsiders knew that the grand empress and a strange man of unknown origin had a private meeting in the bedroom, carnosic acid price ,saw palmetto extract, the people in the Changqiu Palace would not have to live. The watch girl has really changed a lot. Shen Feng's name can only be used by people in Zhending Mansion. Guo Shi felt very cordial. Of course, she also understood that this was Shen Feng's initial recognition. She asked casually, "Have you seen me?" "Subordinates have always been in the house, but the empress has not seen it.". When the empress and the queen were teasing the old king's concubines, their subordinates were all watching. Remembering the joy of her youth, Guo couldn't help showing a dim smile. "Are they all right now?" "All are still alive." Yeah, alive, what else can I do but live? Guo does not want to be entangled in these problems, after all, Shen Feng can stay for a very limited time. How many of us are in the palace now? "Six, though not many, can guarantee to see the message left by the empress at any time." There are many eyes and ears in the palace. In fact, it is not very convenient. Unless I have something urgent, I will not leave a mark. You can send someone to look outside my bedroom every five days. If the bottle is placed in the middle, I have something to find you. If not, you don't have to come. I will explain the special circumstances to you in advance. Guo pointed to the plum vase by the window. No. "If you want to enter the Changqiu Palace fair and square, you still have to take some trouble.". But Wang Liang is half of his own people, can slowly think of a way. How many people do you have available now? "Back to the empress, we came to the capital with more than one hundred people. Last time, we followed Junhou to intercept Lady Yin's carriage and went back with more than twenty people. There are still more than a dozen people around Junhou now. There are only about fifty people available in the capital.". "If the empress has a big move, she can transfer the real person." Shen Feng did not say how many people were available, which was his reservation, and Guo did not intend to ask questions for the time being. The second volume of good wind by virtue of the power of chapter 131 command Shen Feng. Chapter one hundred and thirty-one command Shen Feng "You pick out two people now, be sure to keep an eye on the West Palace, and come to report any action at any time.". She is now very likely to target Ren Guiren, and you should pay special attention to her. "It's not difficult to keep an eye on her.". But the emperor is not in the palace now, subordinates can come to report, the emperor back to the palace after it is not so convenient. "The emperor usually doesn't stay at the Changqiu Palace." Shen Feng looked at the queen with some surprise, then realized his gaffe and hurriedly lowered his head. Guo Shi is frowning to think of a way, and did not notice his eyes, "the emperor returned to Beijing for a few days, when the time comes.". There's one more thing you can do first. Guo Shi drew out a scroll of silk painting and unfolded it in front of Shen Feng, only to see a handsome and elegant man painted on it, with slightly upturned Danfeng eyes, revealing a charming look. There was a strange feeling in Shen Feng's heart, and he couldn't tell what it was. Remember this man. "And then?" "Kill him." Guo's three words were so gloomy that even the people who licked the blood at the head of the knife felt a chill. Although Guo is not a good man or woman, he always has some care for human life. However, for the Yin family, she has no burden in her heart. Think about the previous life, the Yin family was robbed, but finally planted on the Guo family,akba boswellic acid, Liu Xiu in the absence of any evidence, that is the sin of the Guo family. Now, it's just giving them back what they deserve.


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