My Rhapsody with Her After the Transformation (Updated to the End of the Prologue)

You don't do anything all day, and you just think about those strange things. Besides Tyre lowered his eyes slightly, and for a moment, he saw the answer that the other side had inadvertently said in the ruins of the Demon Zone.

Go, go, go! It's none of your business. You don't do anything all day, and you just think about those strange things. Besides Tyre lowered his eyes slightly, and for a moment, he saw the answer that the other side had inadvertently said in the ruins of the Demon Zone. It's all in the past. Ah, Maybe It's over. 3 Time went back again. In the afternoon, they returned to the center of the Tibor area. The place was so lively and bustling every day that people could not stop feeling cheerful. They came to the mercenary branch without stopping. It seemed that the head of the branch, who knew that the matter had been exposed, was waiting for them at the door. She said with her usual smile. Welcome back our corps-level mercenaries. Why? Can't wait for the reward? "Humph!" Kanawa cold hum, he is very straight, nature is not used to this kind of person, of course, Tyre is not used to, to the past, it is estimated that the reason does not want to reason, but now, he understands that people still need to be tactful, although the minister has no goodwill to them, but at least in the absence of conclusive evidence, Tyre does not want to fight with each other, after all,ghana seed extract, ginger is still old and hot. It's hard to calculate with each other with your little ability. Well, the head of the branch, we have brought the weapon of the Ogre Emperor, and we can confirm that it is dead. Now, can we be rewarded? "Yes, of course. It's too late for us to be happy for our branch to get rid of a great harm." At this time, Tian Yan stood out and said with a smile, while Long Tu sneered beside him. "Not one,phycocyanin spirulina, I'm afraid, but perhaps two and three. To tell you the truth, I want to get rid of the four." "Oh, why did Miss Long Tu say that? We are all mercenaries. We need to help each other in the future. Even if you leave now, we may meet again one day. Maybe you will ask me for help." "Well, let's talk about it then." Leave in the 130th issue The part of receiving the reward was very smooth. After getting what he wanted, Tyre did not want to continue to sneer at the gang and beckoned the others to leave. Do you think these people will retaliate afterwards? After all, it's hard to say whether they will be tempted by such a large reward. "I don't think so." Long Tu shook his head. "They do not have this strength, even if there is, also must pay a great price, have the money to move so many strong, it is estimated that the loss outweighs the gain, and they dare not take this risk, after all, the mercenary association is a positive force, their standard version is not allowed to be stained with any stain, fenugreek saponins ,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, naturally dare not kill at will, unlike the stalker association, take the task of killing." “…… Yeah, so why don't we just let the Stalkers Assassinate us? Tyre's words made everyone pause, and they opened their eyes slightly, also unaware of the possibility. Although these people are not afraid of assassination or anything, but always be careful, this feeling of being on guard every day is not as good as imagined, so Longtu quickened his pace and said to Tyre. "Let's go and leave the regional center directly. I'm afraid we don't have so much time. No one knows how far this minister will go." "Wait for me. I promised the God of Judgment and the old man that I would tell them before I left." "Well, after all, it's a God, and you can't neglect it. Just go back quickly and don't learn any more strange martial arts." "I know." Tyre shrugged helplessly, separated from the others, and headed for Tenma's loan. Halfway down the road, Tyre turned a corner and went into the alley. Before long, there was a rush of footsteps behind him, and several people came to the front of the alley. Tyr paused and looked back. There were also several people blocking him, and the one who took the lead was the eye of the day. "It seems that you knew we were following, but why did you fall behind and give us this chance?" Eye of Heaven spoke slowly with a sneer, and Tyr raised his eyebrows slightly. "Since you know I expect you to follow, don't you think about why I did it?" Do you think you are the opponent of us? Five sons of heaven, two sons of heaven, plus me, the emperor, heaven and earth, where can you escape to? I know you have miraculously received the grace of the gods, but how can the God of judgment take care of you? It's just to heal your wounds. What kind of hero do you want to be? “……” Tyre looked at the contemptuous face of the eye of heaven and sighed slowly. Sure enough, no matter what kind of mask he wore, it was not as terrible as a real human skin mask. Their faces, which can become very amiable, can also turn into terrible demons. This is the city. Maybe you should keep your voice down. "Yes, we will be quiet, so, don't resist too fiercely for a while, we also need to use you as a hostage to bring all the others over, when the time comes, catch them all, that reward is not to return to our hands, the meat in hand can not run with long legs, I will eat you to death this time." "Oh, have you finished?" "Hm?" Tyre slowly pulled out the heavenly light apostle from his waist, and an ethereal atmosphere spread out. "I have something to do, so I'll go first." 2 Back so soon? Are you ready to go? The old man looked at Tyre doubtfully, and Tyre nodded. "It's really hard for some people to stare at us. Let's leave quickly." "Oh?"? Is there anyone else who has an idea about you? The old man, who had been squinting before, slowly opened his eyes. It was obvious that he was not the kind of person who could get by listening. Tyr shrugged his shoulders and didn't want to make it too big. What's more, he had just killed a bunch of people. Although the Eye of Heaven had a secret art and ran away with serious injuries, he still did something not very good. Here the Eye of Heaven was in the wrong, so they certainly didn't dare to say anything,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, but if he shook it out, it would be two different things. He would be left here to make some unclear negotiations. So Tyre shrugged and said nothing more. Anyway, this trip is probably leaving. Is His Majesty the God of Judgment here? 。


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