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Soho walked out a few steps, breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time secretly regretted it. If I had known that Qi Lou was still to her.

"I wish Brother Lou a full load. I'll take my seat first." “…… Fine The man's eyes flashed, but in the end he didn't do anything too much. Soho walked out a few steps, breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time secretly regretted it. If I had known that Qi Lou was still to her. She should find an excuse to ask Guo Jie to change her red carpet male companion. Just entangled in the doorway of this scene, I do not know how many circles of peers in the eyes of the open and dark, but also do not know what kind of rumors and storms about themselves in the circle from tomorrow morning. Soho had no choice but to drop his eyes and decided to keep a low-key presence like air all night tonight. But it turns out. Most of the time, she is really not looking for trouble, but for trouble. Soho did not know how the organizers arranged the seats, but guessed that it was to consider the bonus of coffee seats. So she was surprised when she dragged her floor-length dress to the back row and was led to the first row by the staff. This seat.. Are you kidding me? Staff explained: "Of course not.". Our position is arranged strictly according to the form, and your position is here. The staff reached out to the lower part of the left armrest. Look, here is your name tag. Soho took a look. That's true. We agreed to keep a low profile like the air, but it was a bit of a bad rhythm at the beginning. Soho's already uncomfortable premonition was even stronger. But it is obviously impossible to run away from the battle at this time. Soho had to thank the staff with a smile and then took his seat. Her seat happened to be in the first soft-seat armchair in the row, and the next seat was still empty. After sitting down, in order to seek peace of mind, Soho specially went to look at the empty nameplate beside him. Shen Xuewen. Soho's heart missed a beat. This is a veteran of the first line, has been half red and half black constitution, in the audience's line of sight to maintain the heat of three or five years is naturally some strength. It's just that what's more famous than her strength is her princess temper. Soho has a deeper understanding of this than others, for the simple reason that Shen Xuewen happens to be an artist of Xingtian Entertainment. Is this premonition coming true here tonight? Soho couldn't help muttering. About three minutes later. The same staff member walked ahead and led Shen Xuewen over. Eyes crossed, Soho,ghana seed extract, as the younger generation of the company, nodded politely at the other side. Shen Xuewen glanced at her coldly, the corners of her mouth were hooked with a smile, and she did not give any response, as if she was ready to walk over with that disdain. Soho is not surprised. This person in the company to other small artists and small employees, I heard that this is the same gesture. But unfortunately, Shen Xuewen wanted to walk like this, but the staff in charge of leading stopped. The man motioned to Soho's side. Miss Shen, please sit down. “……” Shen Xuewen's face suddenly stiffened. A few seconds later, pumpkin seed extract ,turmeric extract powder, her expression sank. Are you kidding me? I'm sitting next to her? The staff was stunned. He subconsciously looked down at the electronic screen in his hand, confirmed it again and checked the nameplate under the armrest of the seat, then he got up and nodded. Yes, this is your position. Shen Xuewen sneered. Who arranged this seat? What do you think of me? Let me sit with a person who barely climbed into the second and third lines by hype? Soho was criticized a little inexplicably. The staff standing next to her looked at her even more awkwardly, and from their eyes it seemed that they were still suspecting that Soho and Shen Xuewen had any grudges. At this moment, the awards ceremony has not yet begun, the theatre is not very quiet, and there are voices of conversation in every corner. But on Soho's side, Shen Xuewen, who refused to take a seat, apparently attracted a lot of people's attention with her confrontational posture. Even if Soho was sitting, he could feel a lot of eyes falling this way. Soho: "." The air is as low-key as the sense of existence. Sure enough, the best choice after a bad start should be to "return to the court" without even thinking about it. The staff also noticed it. He lowered his voice apologetically and advised: "Miss Shen, I will consult the person in charge for you about the seating arrangement. Please take a seat first so as not to delay.." "I don't want to sit with her. You can rearrange her position for me now." As soon as the words came out, Soho and the staff were stunned at the same time. After Soho, who was sitting in his seat, was stunned, he could not hold back and laughed softly. What are you laughing at? Shen Xuewen raised her eyebrows and looked at Soho with great displeasure. Soho sat in his chair and raised his eyes. The eyes are black, and the emotions inside are soft and harmless. Miss Shen, you don't want to sit with me, if the organizer doesn't mind, then I naturally respect your choice-but I came first, I have already sat down, I have no princess temper, let alone say anything disrespectful-then you suddenly let me leave, do not know where to rely on? How could Shen Xuewen imagine that a younger generation in the company who had just climbed up the second or third line would dare to resist himself like this? She turned pale with anger and gnashed her teeth. Do you know who you're talking to? Soho blinks innocently. What's wrong with what I said? Or is this theater owned by your family? Is this award ceremony solely hosted by your family? "You-" Shen Xuewen is extremely angry, the volume of voice unconsciously mentioned some, but also provoked a lot of people to stop talking to fall over the eyes. Her face changed slightly, and she dared not go too far, but lowered her voice and shook her hand. I don't want to talk to you for a while. You have no right to talk to me. She frowned and stared at the staff member. "Didn't you understand what I just said?" The staff member is extremely embarrassed, struggling to smile at this moment: "Miss Shen, this thing is really..." "What's the trouble?" A voice suddenly cut in. The three men looked at the man at the same time. A suit,best green coffee bean extract, also combed a greasy hair, Soho was surprised by his cousin's appearance, the first time did not react to open his mouth. Shen Xuewen is quick to react.


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