How can he come late and be mad?

Xue Ying is slightly stupefied: "He tells me before, he is your adopted son."

Xue Ying is slightly stupefied: "He tells me before, he is your adopted son." "At that time, I was afraid that you would check my non-existent wife and find loopholes, so I asked him to say that. He thought it was really just a lie to you, but.." He paused here. "Anyway, I treat him like my own son. There's no difference." Xue Ying didn't seem to agree. She asked, "You said last night that no one is more important than me. You want to give him up if you choose one of the two. You really treat him as your own son." "I admit that if I have to be clear, you may be ahead of him in my heart, but I will not let myself fall into the situation of choosing one or the other, so I never thought of abandoning him." He lowered his eyes. "It was negligent of me to put him in danger because of you.". But in the same way, because I took him with me, it was unfair for you to have a soft spot and a painful foot that could be caught at any time. So like last night's situation, he can save it, should not ask Xue Ying to take risks. The exchange of hostages was indeed an excellent opportunity to counterattack, but who knows how he felt as a father and husband when he watched that scene happen? It's not that he doesn't believe in Xue Ying's judgment and skill. It had nothing to do with believing or not believing, and even if he was sure she could do it, he felt sad. When he had finished, he clenched his hands tightly at his side and stretched his arms into a line, trembling like a bowstring pulled into a full moon. "I'm really afraid I can't protect you," he said. I'm afraid the same tragedy will happen again. Xue Ying was silent. She did see last night that Wei had something on his mind, and even after he was out of danger, his interest was very low, but she only said that he had a lingering fear and did not think so deeply. At present,outdoor palm trees, it is understandable to put oneself in others' shoes. No matter how unambitious he is, no matter how indifferent he is to position and power, at such a juncture, he will have self-esteem and hope that he can do anything. But she was a little overwhelmed by his overwhelming emotions. It was as if she had only moved her heart, but he had been able to give it to her. She thought for a moment, then reached out and gently broke his fist at his side and said, "Why do you have to protect us?"? I have hands and feet, is there only two choices: lying on the ground and being slaughtered by others, and being protected by you? No one is a God,silk cherry blossom tree, and no one can be too close. When you can fight side by side, why should you fight alone? Wei's eyes flashed. Suddenly he held her in his arms and said, "Thank you." Xue Ying was so puzzled by his thanks that she pushed him away. "Thank me for what?" She asked. Wei Teng hesitated. He was thanking her for having changed, for being able and willing to fight alongside him, instead of taking a dose of poison and thinking it was the best thing for him. He thought for a moment and said, "Just …" Thank you for not blaming me for acting on my own last night. Xue Ying sneered, "Who says it's not strange?"? Let's discuss the business first. As she spoke, she strolled to the table and sat down. She motioned to Wei to sit opposite her. "Who do you think those people were last night?" She asked. Wei Teng frowned and said, "What a coincidence! It coincides with the time when you set up a trap to capture the trusted followers of the Zhao family. It is absolutely impossible to say that it has nothing to do with this matter.". But the person who did it was not the general of a title of generals in ancient times. If he had had the ability to see the game, he would not have been fooled later. So the other side is the Qin family, Qin Taiwei's people. Xue Ying said, "Well," and she thought so, too. Zhao He is in this position, although the brain is not as clever as Qin Taiwei, but earlier in the four directions, Faux cherry blossom tree ,faux ficus tree, to help the first emperor pacify the world, has also made great contributions to the country for the court, in the army not to say a hundred responses, over the years has accumulated a lot of prestige, also gathered a group of soldiers willing to return to his heart. And these people, will not be unclear about his relationship with Qin Taiwei. Now the Qin family chose to abandon him, more or less afraid of the people under his hands. For Qin Taiwei, the ideal result is to abandon Zhao He at the same time, not with those soldiers as enemies, or more ideally, they will be their own use. That is to say, he had to perform a play to show them that he had done his best to protect Zhao He and had offended Xue Ying directly. In the view of the soldiers who don't know the truth inside, last night that kind of situation, like Qin Taiwei got the news temporarily, but for various unexpected reasons, didn't have time to stop Zhao He confidant, had to break into the princess mansion nearby, robbed Wei Chi, smooth away Xue Ying and Wei taste, just didn't expect Fu Xichen enough ability, or get things done. Xue Ying thought for a moment and said, "Last night should be just the first step.". The Qin family will continue to make plans to intensify the contradictions between me and the soldiers in the army, such as. "Choose the right time to attack Zhao He, one is to seal up, the other is to frame you." Wei taste quickly pick up, "Zhao He last night has entered the Tingwei mansion to be tried, how about that garrison?" "You can rest assured for the time being.". But this is a big case, from pending trial to conviction, the time is quite long, can guarantee that he is safe and sound every day and night, I dare not say. But to say the least, since I decided to move the knife, ready to offend those soldiers. Dealing with them is like controlling water. It's better to block them than to dredge them. It is easy to destroy the dam if it is blocked urgently. Slowly dredging and cleaning up is the fundamental method. Wei nodded in agreement and asked, "Where is the Marquis of Pingyang?" Now that at this moment, Xue Ying decided to blade to consorts, so the vassal States must not be trouble again, as early as before, two people had reached a consensus: although Pingyang Hou is not good, but in the end is just a pawn, should be dealt with later. So the letter that imitated his handwriting, after Zhao He, was destroyed by Fu Xichen. The Tingwei Mansion was led by Xue Ying's grandfather, and it was not difficult to hide his crimes. Or according to the original plan to protect Pingyang Hou, Ming reward, dark knock, first draw him over. Xue Ying said. Then I will go to Pingyang. The matter needs a negotiation to be ready. Xue Ying hesitated when she heard this and looked at him. She knows that's a good thing, but. "You've only been back for three days, and you're not afraid to die of exhaustion on a horse?" Wei tastes a bit suffocated: "You care about me, care about me, can't say something nice, auspicious?" Seeing that she didn't know what to say, she had to say,fake ficus tree, "Hey, well, I'm not tired. I won't be tired when I work for you." 。


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