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Cheng Qian, who had never cared much about him, also asked him

Cheng Qian, who had never cared much about him, also asked him to go to the office for the first time. As soon as Song Gan stepped into the office, Cheng Qian's kneaded market report hit him in the face. Song Gan did not dare to hide and suffered. Cheng Rang was also there, half lying on the sofa with two long legs, arms around his chest, looking at Song Gan's mess with a half-smile. Cheng Qian also does not get angry, look at him with a cold face: "Song Gan, is this the report card that you give me?" Song Gan endured the cold sweat on his forehead and dared not speak. Cheng Qian: What's the matter? Have nothing to say? Didn't I remind you? I can do whatever you want as long as you don't touch the line, but this month's sales can only go up but not down? And the result? Down 20 points, and this is the report card you gave me? Cheng Rang Liangliang opened his mouth: "My mind is spent on stumbling people. How can I have time to think about products and sales?" Song Gan glanced at him and did not dare to speak. Cheng Qian glanced at him coldly. "Why, are you mute now?" Song Gan endured a cold sweat: "General Manager Cheng, I was negligent. I didn't expect that Shen Jin would have the ability to persuade the entertainment and business circles.." "I don't care if Shen Jin has the ability!" Cheng Qian interrupted him, "What I want is performance.". Performance, understand? After strangling a Shen Jin, can you raise your performance? "Of course there will be." Song Gan hurriedly said, "Now our market share is mainly divided by Shen Ergua,inflatable floating water park, as long as he.." Cheng Qian interrupted him coldly: "I only saw that before Shen Er got up, Zisheng's monthly market share was falling." "There was supposed to be a rebound this month." Song Gan spread out the crumpled report sheet, "You see, sales in the first week were higher than the same period, and in the second half of the month, we were cut off." "And what's the use of Shen Er's high sales now? If Li Li doesn't give raw materials,Inflatable mechanical bull, he can still fly." The word "Heaven" was smashed by Cheng Qian's product brochure thrown on his face. Song Gan rubbed the bridge of his nose and bent down to pick up the brochure that had fallen to the ground. It was the second generation of product brochures. It mainly focused on raw materials, emphasizing pure natural and environmental protection performance. Combined with the feelings of the first generation of products, it focused on saving the traditional national crafts that were gradually forgotten. Song Gan looked at Cheng Qian in surprise. "Where did this come from?" Cheng Rang stood up slowly: "Brother Shen gave it to me." "I heard that Shen Ge has also opened a raw material processing factory, set up a plantation, artificial planting and processing of unique raw materials, and is now preparing to train a group of handicraft experts." Cheng Rang said while going to Song Gan and Cheng Qian, "Oh, yes, I heard that Cao Lao personally taught.". Now part of the Yujian factory is under the personal supervision of Cao Lao. Song Gan frowned, "Didn't Cao Lao say that he was already gone?"? How did Shen Er get the man? Cheng Qian looked at him with a sneer. "Mrs. Cao's surname is Xu, and she has a daughter named Xu Jiayu, whose surname is Xu Jiayu.". Xu Jiayu has a daughter named Xia Yan, Jumping castle with slide ,Inflatable meltdown, the chief designer of Yujian, Xia Yan. "How do you think Shen Er invited him?" Not only was Song Gan surprised, but even Cheng Rang was so surprised that he opened his mouth wide. After a while, he said, "Brother, I said I was right to chase Xia Yan at the beginning, but you didn't let me. Do you know who planned this activity?"? Xia Yan, she planned it herself. "Now Xia Yan is dead set on Brother Shen, and it's not easy to dig the foot of the wall." In exchange for Cheng Qian's faint glance: "Get out!" Cheng Rang: ".." At this time, there was a knock at the door. After Cheng Qian said, "Please come in," Zhou Shaohui pushed the door and entered. Zhou Shaohui came here to submit his resignation. Song Gan was red-eyed at the moment: "Zhou Shaohui, what the *** do you mean?" Zhou Shaohui had a pain in his chest because of Song Gan's pressure. He finally had a chance to feel proud and elated. He looked at Song Gan with a light smile: "General Manager Song, what do you mean? I just don't want to do it. What else can it mean?" Cheng Qian glanced at the resignation on the table, and the corners of his mouth were slightly hooked: "Interesting." Ask him again: "When did Shen Er look for you?" "For a while.". "Zhou Shaohui is not taboo, he just talked to Shen Jin in the afternoon, holding the contract with the seal of Ancheng Industry, the heart is full of confidence, but in the end do not want to tear face with Cheng Qian, or guest airway," Cheng Zong, I am very grateful for your respect in recent years, but maybe it is really different ideas, I am ashamed that I failed to bring benefits to the company. I decided to try a different working environment. Cheng Qian: "What treatment does Shen Er give you? I will raise one third on the basis of him." “……” Zhou Shaohui looked at Song Gan hesitantly. "Song Zong and I may not be suitable to work together. We can only keep one." Cheng Qian smiled, "What do you mean, or what does Shen Er mean?" Zhou Shaohui also followed with a smile: "In fact, no matter who means, who we go today, General Manager Cheng will not feel comfortable.". General Manager Cheng doesn't like people who are threatened. Even if General Manager Cheng opens General Manager Song in order to keep me, he will certainly be more afraid of me. I'm afraid there will be no way to work together calmly. It's better to have a good reunion than to make everyone unhappy. I'll quit voluntarily so as not to embarrass General Manager Cheng. He bowed to Cheng Qian and retreated. Zhou Shaohui's mother is a grass on the wall. As soon as the door closed, Song Gan had already opened it. Cheng Qian glanced coldly, and Song Gan shyly shut his mouth. If the performance drops again next month, you can get out quickly! Light dropped a word, Cheng Qian has picked up the car keys, went out. Cheng asked Baba to keep up with him. As soon as he pulled the copilot away and wanted to get on the bus, Cheng Qian glanced at him and said, "Get down!" Cheng obviously felt that Cheng Qian was in a bad mood. He thought it was caused by the company's performance problems. He grinned and said, "It's just a performance problem. It's a big deal. It's a big deal to be a favor and return the soft Chen to Shen Ge. You can also get a good reputation." Cheng Qian ignored him and started the engine. Cheng Rang had the cheek to stay in the car and said,Inflatable bouncer, "Brother, leave me at the New Season Restaurant. Brother Shen is celebrating there tonight." Cheng Qian turned his head and glanced at him: "Put away your face of eating inside and picking outside." Cheng Rang grinned: "Anyway, you have the same purpose as Shen Ge. Shen Ge is more experienced. You might as well cooperate with Shen Ge. You are not here." 。


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