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Two deep wrinkles tore the stone slab of the square,

Two deep wrinkles tore the stone slab of the square, and the grand piano, which was split into two pieces with the orchestra, reached the front of the Buddha. On the brittle crack, there was still a faint smoke of blood. One arm, struggling and spasming on the ground. Basket Lang! A saber, broken into two parts, spiraled in the sky for a long time before it fell to the ground. Master's steel sword, however, was still held tightly in his hand. Even though Master's left arm was only a blood-red broken sleeve, Master did not fall down! Down, it's blue gold! The master puffed out his chest forcefully, his eyes were bright, and his heroic spirit was pressing. Blue gold's face was already pale, and when he fell to the ground, his whole face was even more ashen, and his white shirt and white coat were covered with the smell of rose. Master's rare sword, has been in the chest of the blue gold to the Dantian, killing a deep and fatal wound. Blood kept gushing from the wound of the blue gold, and I almost raised my arms and shouted! Master has cracked hydra's evil game! It's over! After waiting for more than three hundred years,Agate Slabs For Sale, master was finally able to overlook the blue gold. What a delightful perspective! Blue gold looked at the master coldly, not even having the strength to stop bleeding for his own acupoints, indifferent. The master did not speak, but gently inserted the sword into the scarlet ground to stop bleeding for his broken arm. It's over. I said that to myself. No matter how many eyeless monsters are left, I have nothing to fear. Besides, there are only two soulless shells below the square. Hahahahahahaha. Who's laughing? Lan Jin lowered his head, shook his head gently, and laughed happily. His body was like a puppet with a broken string,Marble Projects, scattered in a pile of blood red, but he was laughing. I can feel that the life of blue gold is disappearing, and if the body in the pool of blood is being replaced by the initiator of the game, hydra. It should be. It's up to him to meet death. But hydra's way of greeting death was with laughter of admiration. You shouldn't laugh. Master said lightly. But I laughed. The expression on hydra's face became strange as she tried to stop laughing. Then die! The master held the steel sword in his right hand, and the moment he pulled it up, hydra's vital parts were enveloped in the master's sword. I opened my eyes wide and watched Master's sword slice the earth's crust. But hydra, who had fallen to the ground and was dying, was gone! Incorrect! "Up there!" I yelled! Surprised, master looked up and saw hydra hanging in the night wind, her long white coat, stained with blood, swaying in the wind, as if drifting completely out of line with gravity. The hydra smiles strangely, two feet are like stepping on the soft air cushion, Carrara Marble Slab ,Granite Slab Supplier, incredibly stay in the air! "What a powerful flying skill!" I was surprised, but not worried. It's just a dying struggle. However, I immediately felt a strange pressure on my spine. The blue eyes of hydra slowly shrank into his pupils, the fatal wound on his chest no longer gushed blood, and the happy laughter stopped. The hydra. It's not the hydra anymore. I know. I know strongly. Master stared at the "hydra" hanging in the cool night wind with his eyes wide open and his steel sword across his chest. He couldn't believe it. The "hydra" smiled shallowly, exuding an aristocratic elegance, in disturbing contrast to the despair of white and blood red. "My God," said Ah Yi, "what's going on? His eyes have changed! The eyeballs have changed! The bright blue eyes of "hydra" have disappeared. " The eyes of "hydra" are sending out aquamarine crystal awn! "Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life in them, and I will raise them up at the last day." "Hydra," he said softly, his voice magnetic and clear. Horribly, he never fell to the ground! "You are not Blue Gold!" The master faintly realized something was wrong and shouted, "Who are you?" "Hydra" swam in the night sky, bent down, put his right hand flat in front of his waist, put his left hand behind his back, bowed politely in a Western style, and said: "The king of the night, the guide of the dead, the quiet existence in the long river of time, meet for the first time, goodbye. ” My hands and feet are cold. Because I saw the sharp canine teeth in hydra's mouth. A completely unexpected enemy. However, the master's murderous look rose sharply, and without the slightest fear, the steel sword went up into the night sky with him, shouting: "Chop you down!" Master's steel sword split out, but "hydra" disappeared in front of Master's eyes again. Behind I exclaimed! This time, the master, who was in midair, failed to turn around and defend himself. Oh my God! Master stretched out a bloody thin hand from his abdomen. With his mouth wide open, he slowly turned his head and looked at the real demon behind him. The hydra "stood on his head, stood on his head in the air, slowly pulled out the bloody hand that held the master's body, and let the master fall to the ground in confusion." Master! "Master!" Yi and I rushed to Master's side at the same time. Yi picked up Master. I quickly sealed the blood vessels in Master's abdominal cavity and shouted, "Master!"! Hold on! As he spoke, Ah Yi and I clung to Master's waistcoat with one hand, each, and instilled precious True Qi to renew our lives. Hey.. Master shook his hand and signaled us not to waste our efforts. His heart was moaning in disorder. Master! I finally burst into tears and quickly protected Master's heart with my internal force. "Bastard!" Cried Ah Yi in exasperation. Watching "hydra" slowly landing, his green eyes, in an open and closed eyes, instantly returned to the original aqua blue. The scars on his body, the original weak breath, also disappeared, and the strange power made him completely out of the call of death, standing in front of us in a perfect posture. The hydra is back. "Unexpectedly,Grey Marble Slab, Huang Jun can really defeat the old enemy in his destiny," hydra said happily. What did you say! You mean little man! "You killed your master with sorcery," said Ah Yi angrily. 。 forustone.com


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