Your Majesty is a wife fan

She went over and picked her up and left. "Don't make trouble. You are my daughter-in-law. You should live in my house. I don't like you to live with others."

"I'm not going back. I want to live here." Shen Xiujue naturally did not allow her to live here. She went over and picked her up and left. "Don't make trouble. You are my daughter-in-law. You should live in my house. I don't like you to live with others." Who is your wife? I'm not, I'm a double! "Well, well, you're a stand-in!" You bastard! You're the ***ing double! “……” Chapter 106 Rong Bufei said not to let Shen Xiujue live in her Yuehua Hall. At first, Shen Xiujue wanted to get through it in order to get a chance to live in Yuehua Hall. But gradually found that she was determined not to see him this time, even if he felt uncomfortable, but also afraid that she always so bad temper is not good for the body, can only promise not to disturb her first. Nevertheless, Rong Bufei did not really feel better in her heart, sleeping alone in the cold bed for several nights in a row, she felt more uncomfortable than seeing his face that made her angry. Shen Zhixi probably found out that it was not easy for her to stay alone in the Yuehua Hall, but she came to her Yuehua Hall with injuries all over her body. But this Yuehua Hall has obviously been strictly guarded by the imperial guards, Shen Zhixi naturally can not enter. But he wouldn't go either, and shouted out what was inside,Prison toilet for sale, which was not suitable. Rong Bufei had a bad temper recently, and the person who said she was a stand-in for Shang Qingxi naturally did not have a good look. She comes out to scold greatly: "You are a yakuza, what to look for me to do?" Shen Zhixi was pushed over in a wheelchair, and nothing could be seen from his well-dressed surface except that his face was very pale. But you can imagine that there must be injuries all over the clothes. He understood that Shen Xiujue's stuffy gourd had temporarily spoiled the substitute into a daughter, and no one could be offended, including Shen Xiujue herself. He could only endure being scolded by this arrogant and disgusting country girl. But he could not help suspecting that even if the girl recovered her appearance,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, Shen Xiujue would choose her instead of the quiet and dignified Shang Qingxi? After all, this girl's appearance is good, but her character is more arrogant and domineering than his sister Shen Ninglan. It's disgusting that a normal man would choose this kind of woman? He shook the medicine in his hand, and whether Shen Xiujue would choose her or not, he would try. Rong Bufei saw the calculation in Shen Zhixi's eyes and snorted coldly: "The straw bag still wants to calculate me. I won't play with you." She turned to go. Shen Zhixi: "Wait!" He hates people to scold him, if this girl can really hook Shen Xiujue, if not, then when Shen Xiujue and Shang Qingxi make up and abandon her, he will have to teach her a lesson. Rong Bufei stopped and turned to look at him coldly. Shen Zhixi smiled gently. "Do you want to cure your face?" Rong Bufei: "I don't want to!" Shen Zhixi was surprised: "Why?"? Don't little girls love beauty the most? Rong Bufei snorted coldly, "Have you recovered your appearance like Shang Qingxi and been visited like the animals that ran out of the zoo?"? Not everyone is so showy. Mention the name of Shang Qingxi, Self-closing Faucet ,Flush valve price, her heart and lungs ache. Shen Zhixi blinked, really did not want to admit that he did not understand her words. Is that how people from the country talk? "That." Shen Zhixi thought about it and said, "Do you hate Shang Qingxi very much?" "What's it to you?" Shen Zhixi tried to induce her: "Don't you want to be more beautiful than her?" "Prettier than her?" Rong Bufei twisted her eyebrows and had to say that she was so beautiful that she wanted to be more beautiful than Shang Qingxi, and even wanted to compare her to the mud, who let the girl bear the name of Shen Xiujue's sweetheart. Shen Zhixi: "Do you want to?" Rong Bufei glanced at him. "Do you have medicine?" If there is medicine, she doesn't mind taking it in her hand, and she will think about it slowly when she recovers or not. Seeing that she was so easily persuaded, Shen Zhixi could not help laughing: "Of course, I came here to give you the medicine." "I don't believe you are so kind. What is your motive?" "Motive?" Shen Zhixi said with a smile, "The motive is naturally to break up Shen Xiujue and Shang Qingxi. I am interested in Shang Qingxi." Naturally, he will not say that he wants to attract the power of businessmen. "Break up Shen Xiujue and Shang Qingxi?" Rong Bufei gnashed his teeth. "Say you have no eyesight. You really have no eyesight in the end.". The same is the first emperor, the woman surnamed Song gave birth to a son and a daughter how this pair of virtue? Is there a problem with the Song family's genes? Shen Zhixi did not want to bear her unruly and unreasonable, some impatient: "If you do not want this medicine?"? Five years ago, Qingsuguo paid tribute to the beauty product Snow Gel, which can cure all scars, cure scars with scars, and beautify skin without scars. It is said that after using it, it can make the skin more smooth and flawless, white and tender several times. "Snow condensation?" Rong Bufei raised his eyebrows, "wasn't this given to your sister Shen Ninglan by the late emperor?" Shen Zhixi was surprised. "How could you know about this?" "I just know!" Rong Bufei approached him. "If you want to give it to me, bring it." Shen Zhixi frowned. He really hated her overbearing and natural appearance. When he was about to hand her the medicine in the small bottle, a pair of slender hands reached over and grabbed the medicine. Standing next to them, holding the medicine and bowing his head to play with it, was Shen Xiujue, who had not appeared for several days. When Rong Bufei saw him, he got angry, snorted, turned around and walked toward the main entrance of the Yuehua Hall, and soon disappeared into the Yuehua Hall. Shen Xiujue looked at her back and sighed helplessly. Then she glanced at Shen Zhixi coolly and said lightly, "If you look for her again, you can waste one leg once." Shen Zhixi was extremely unhappy: "I was just kind enough to come over and personally give her medicine to cure her face." Shen Xiujue ignored him and turned to look for Rong Bufei. When he got to the house, he saw Rong Bufei hiding in bed, apparently not wanting to see her. Although he knew she was angry, his heart was still blocked. He doesn't like being ostracized by her. He went to the bedside and sat down and pulled the quilt. Seeing that he could not pull it apart,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, he went in from the side and held her in his arms, pecking her ear intimately. Rong Bufei tried to struggle, and her little strength could not break away from him. She endured the wonderful feeling caused by him and buried her face in the pillow angrily.


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