Xiuzhen God Thief

You gave me a sign without words." The wasp asked doubtfully, "Are you the little brother of Hua Ao and Yang Hua?"

I said with a smile, "Senior Huang, this is your fault. How can you forget your old friend? Don't you remember our competition in the Demon Palace? You gave me a sign without words." The wasp asked doubtfully, "Are you the little brother of Hua Ao and Yang Hua?" I laughed and said happily, "Senior Huang, you finally remembered." The wasp said excitedly, "I knew your identity must not be simple, but I didn't think you were the leader of the Immortal Society. If you go to the Demon Palace, aren't you afraid that the Demon God will recognize you? How did you deceive the Demon God?" I smiled and said, "We'll talk about this later. Now I'll take you to meet some of my friends and some of the elders of our Immortal Society." Counting, he took the wasp to the front of the crowd and turned over the introduction. At this time, Long Teng, the leader of the Shennian Society, came over with several people. As soon as the wasp saw him, he saluted him and said, "See the leader of the Society." Long Teng laughed and said, "Wasp, your task has been completed. You can come back to the meeting later." I couldn't help being surprised and said, "Senior Huang, so you are a member of the Shennian Society." The wasp smiled and said, "Yes, I didn't dare to say it when we were in the Demon Palace." Long Teng, who was standing on one side, said strangely, "Do you know each other?" The wasp smiled and said,Flush Retrofit Kit, "Yes, some time ago we were undercover in the Demon Palace together."? He is Hua Aoyang, the disciple recently received by the Demon God. Long Teng looked at me in surprise and asked, "Lord Hua, what's going on? When did you go undercover in the Demon Palace?" I laughed and said, "Since the Demon God wounded me, I used the secret method to heal the wound very quickly. I went to the Demon God Palace to be an undercover agent when everyone didn't expect it. I mainly wanted to find out the weakness of the demon God. I didn't expect that I really found it. Otherwise, there would be no competition today." Long Teng couldn't help saying happily, "I didn't expect you to be so talented and resourceful. I really admire you. You are already the first person in the fairy world at a young age. Hehe,Time Delay Tap, your fairy society will be at the height of its power in the future." I smiled and said, "No, I don't deserve to be called the first person in the fairy world. Besides, I killed the demon God because I was lucky." Not far away, Xixian Lao came to us happily and said to me, "Lord Hua Hui, you deserve the title of the first person in the fairy world. I didn't expect to see your cultivation reach such a high level after only a few months. I really admire you." The ghost fairy laughed and said, "What kind of person is my little brother? When I saw him, I knew he would have a bright future. That's why I promised him to come out and deal with the demon God together. Ha ha, I can't imagine that I really have a good eye." After a discussion, they decided to go back to our immortal meeting first, and then go to the Demon Palace after discussing with the immortal meeting. After returning to the Immortal Society, we discussed it, because we were afraid that the people in the Demon Palace would learn that the Demon God was dead and it would be bad for the people there, so we set out for the Demon Palace. Now the Demon God is dead, although those people in the Demons Palace can't get up much climate, but the people in the original Demon Palace caught a lot of fellow In fact, when the Demon God set out, Stainless Steel Trough Urinal ,stainless steel squatting pan, he had already told me not to hurt these captured people, otherwise I would not be so leisurely, but now people do not know so much, I have to pretend to go with them. For fear of forcing those people in the Demon Palace, so I decided to enter the Demon Palace first, with my identity in the Demon Temple, I believe that this matter can be solved perfectly. Say goodbye to everyone, in order to save time, I sat in time and space for a while and arrived at the Demon God Star. As for those who escaped from the Demon God Palace, if they would come back, it would take a day to arrive at the Demon Temple. After entering the Demon Palace, I pretended that I had just come out of the Arsenal. When the disciples of the Demon Palace saw me coming out, they were slightly stupefied and asked, "Fourth Childe, why did you come out?" I nodded and asked deliberately, "I just came out. Where is Lord Demon?" The disciple of the Demon Palace replied, "Lord Demon has gone to fish for Fei Xing and fight with Hua Xingtie, the leader of the Immortal Society. It is estimated that he will be back in two days." I nodded and said, "Oh, that's right. Shall I ask you if Lu Hufa is in the palace?" He nodded and said, "Dharma Protector Lu has been here all the time. Do you have anything to do with him?" I said: "Well, you go to inform Lu Hufa that I want to see him right away, and let me come to the other courtyard where I live." "Yes, Fourth Childe," he said. "I'll go right away." I went to the other courtyard where I lived. Shan Gang, Chu yuan and Qingfeng were all there. When they saw me coming back, they all said happily, "Brother Hua, when did you come out?" I smiled and said, "I came out early, but I never came back." Shan Gang said, "Brother Hua, why didn't you come out to see us long ago? We are bored to death living here." I laughed and said, "I have a mission to come out. Otherwise, I wouldn't have come to see you." Chu yuan asked, "Brother Hua, have you finished?" I smiled and said, "Of course, so I came back to catch up with you." Qingfeng said, "Brother Hua, you must be tired. I'll go and make tea for you." "No," I said, "I have something to do." Chu yuan asked, "Why, Brother Hua, do you still want to go when you come back?" "No," I said with a smile. "I just asked someone to call Lu Hufa here. I have something to ask him." Shan Gang asked, "Are you talking about the Western Dharma Protector?" I nodded. Shan Gang asked, "Brother Hua, what are you looking for him for?" I smiled and asked, "Would you trust me if I did something strange?" Chu yuan said, "Of course I believe you. You are our good brother." I asked, "If I were not from the Demon Palace, would you still be on my side?" Qingfeng said, "Brother Hua,Time Delay Tap, no matter who you are, we will stand on your side." I said happily, "That's good. Don't be surprised by what I did later." 。 cnkexin.com


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